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Hello again 👋 This week we're recapping Monday Nov 5th to Sunday November 11th. All future weeks will recap Monday to Sunday from now on. We'll also be including the iOS repo.


  • @meggutshall added the readonly attribute to an article's menu. This attribute is great because when you're on mobile, the keyboard won't pop up and get in your way anymore! Thanks for the PR, Meg!
    Pull request here

  • Thanks to @gatlee for adding cleaner optimistic rendering when you react to an article.
    See the PR here

  • @nathansebhastian! made a PR which allows the CodePen Liquid tag to accept a default argument. This allows you to choose which tab you'd like to display first in your embed. Thanks, Nathan!
    Pull request here

  • In case you missed it, the article action footer/bar is now tan for optimal bar-color coordination. By @ben
    Details and PR here

Bug Fixes / Other Contributions

New Issues/Discussions

We're including issues that were created within the past week. If they were closed because of a new PR merged this week, we'll mention it next week.

That's it for this week! Happy coding ❤️

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Drew Bragg
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Meg Gutshall

Thanks for the mention! @drbragg showed me how to do it! #teamwork