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Hey, hey, hey! Welcome back to another Repo Recap, where we cover last week's contributions to this app's repo and the iOS repo. This edition is covering January 13 to January 19.


Bug Fixes / Other Contributions

And in the iOS repo...

New Issues / Discussions

  • @avocadoras requested support for Org mode syntax when writing posts. Thanks, @avocadoras!

    Add Org mode syntax support for creating posts #1526

    I'm used to using Org mode syntax for writing text. The current way of editing posts right now is only with Markdown. I like that there is a button for help, since I do not know many of the syntax for markdown.

    So, I would like to add Org mode syntax as an option to edit text when writing new posts. Github currently supports this feature and can render Org mode texts. This feature would be very helpful for those of us used to Org mode syntax.

  • @tiagomagalhaes requested a Reddit Liquid tag. Thanks, @tiagomagalhaes!

    Reddit Liquid Tag #1536

    Describe the solution you'd like It would be nice to have a liquid tag to integrate reddit submissions

    Describe alternatives you've considered I haven't researched intensively but found that Reddit has an embedding mechanism (oEmbed ?)

    Additional context A maybe useful GH wiki page about Reddit embedding.

  • @michaeltharrington wrote up a detailed issue about allowing others to edit articles, as well as other thoughts on version control for your posts. It's an interesting idea, so check it out below:

    Profile checkbox for "Allow edits to my articles" + musing on VC for articles #1539

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Not exactly. As DEV grows, we should continuously think of ways we can improve the platform for contributors and readers. Through providing efficient ways to clean up grammar on the site, we make articles on more easily readable and help to improve the writing of/teach the writer(s) of the post.

    Describe the solution you'd like In the short term, we should offer users the ability to check a box in their profile that says "Allow edits to my articles" which would then be displayed within the person's profile and viewable to admins only. The capability to edit articles is already available to admins, but this would just be a way for writer's to give the go ahead and say it's cool.

    In the long term, I think it would be beneficial if we could open up the ability to edit articles to the community by creating a sort of version control system for writers and their writing. This way, any user could make a PR to fix a typo/wonky sentence structure/etc. in another user's post. (Perhaps, we'd only want to allow people that mutually follow each other to do this.) A writer could then view the edits made on their work and potentially okay them or not. This would be good because we'd be able to crowd source some of the work which would make the system more scalable. Basically, I'm imagining a system that would highlight any changes an editor were to make and then ask the author if they're okay with merging them.

    Describe alternatives you've considered As far as editing work goes, so long as someone has admin permissions, they're able to edit content. For instance, I have admin permissions and I've considered reaching out to authors via email and asking them if I can grammatically correct a few things in their work. I haven't really done this though because it seems like too much overhead. Admittedly, I've hopped in a post a few times just to clean up some blatant mistakes that I figured I was safe doing.

    I'm also aware that some folks have requested mentors to help with their writing. This is another potential path to take for helping authors that need help with grammar.

    Additional context Here's a screenshot of where I think the "Allow edits to my articles" checkbox might go:

    ... but, I'm totally open to other thoughts on that!

  • We currently have a few bugs that are reported by Airbrake, our bug monitoring service. It's a run time error, and should be fairly fixable. Check it out below:

    [Airbrake] [Production] undefined method `cl_image_path' for CloudinaryHelper:Module #1541

    Airbrake error: #9865 Airbrake project: practicaldev

    Error type: ActionView::Template::Error Error message: undefined method `cl_image_path' for CloudinaryHelper:Module Where: additional_content_boxes#index Occurred at: Jan 14, 2019 22:49:47 UTC First seen at: Jan 04, 2019 19:42:39 UTC Occurrences: 8086 (174 since last deploy on Jan 14, 2019 21:19:45 UTC) Severity: error

    URL: File: /PROJECT_ROOT/app/views/additional_content_boxes/_article_followable_area.html.erb


    /PROJECT_ROOT/app/views/additional_content_boxes/_article_followable_area.html.erb:4:in _app_views_additional_content_boxes__article_followable_area_html_erb__1416202628230001255_70357272411600
    /GEM_ROOT/gems/actionview- block in render
    /GEM_ROOT/gems/activesupport- instrument
    /GEM_ROOT/gems/actionview- instrument_render_template
    Caused by NoMethodError: undefined method `cl_image_path' for CloudinaryHelper:Module
  • @dylan reported an issue with the edit comment box not resizing properly. Thanks, Dylan!

    Edit comment box not resizing #1554

    Browser extensions disabled.

    Describe the bug I believe that the edit comment functionality available at the URL:**username**/comment/**commentID**/edit is not letting me resize the edit comment box to display multi line comments.

    To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Write a multi line comment and post it.
    2. Click on 'edit comment'
    3. the page does not look like what I believe it is intended to look like.

    Expected behavior I would expect the edit comment functionality to allow me to resize the window, or at least expand the edit comment window text area box to fill the page. Behavior similar to this was mentioned in #47 which makes me believe this is an error.

    Screenshots If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem. Notice the large gap in between the footer and the text comment edit box.

    editing comment example

    edit comment exmaple 2

    Desktop (please complete the following information):

    • OS: [e.g. iOS] Windows Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299
    • Browser [e.g. chrome, safari] FF 64.0 32 bit // IE 11.0.101

    Smartphone (please complete the following information): n/a

    Additional context

    This was tested on both vertical and horizontal monitor orientations. The text edit window is still rather small by default.

    <div class="gh-btn-container"><a class="gh-btn" href="">View on GitHub</a></div>
    Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode

  • @nickytonline requested a feature for user profiles. When visiting a mutual follower, there is a CTA for you to start a new Connect conversation with them. Thanks, Nick!

    As a user of the community, I would like a call to action on the profile of someone I follow, to facilitate beginning/continuing a conversation with them. #1567

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. As a user of the community, I would like a call to action on the profile of someone I follow, to facilitate beginning/continuing a conversation with them.

    Describe the solution you'd like The motivation for this is quick access to starting a conversation with someone if you follow them and happen to be on their profile. As well, someone with more than a handful of followers is currently unable to find a user easily in dev connect.

    To compliment this story, consider a lookup field on the dev connect page so a user could filter who they're looking for quickly. Also, as shown in the picture, I'd make the "Following" button a less prominent action than the "Chat" button. Also, I'm not sure about the wording "Chat"

    Describe alternatives you've considered N/A

    Additional context Add any other context or screenshots about the feature request here.


  • @damian reported a bug where comments are overlapping in Edge. Thanks, Damian!

    Comments overlapping in Edge #1593

    Describe the bug When using Edge, some comments render as overlapping eachother

    To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Go to in Edge
    2. Scroll down to the first child comments under "Xander"'s comment.
    3. See error

    Expected behavior The comments should not overlap while using Edge.

    Screenshots Example of issue:

    Desktop (please complete the following information):

    • OS: Windows 10
    • Browser: Edge
    • Version: Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0

  • That's it for this week! Thanks for reading. :)

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Andy Zhao (he/him) • Edited
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Andrew Bone • Edited

It was the first bit of ruby I had done and everyone was so understanding a patient with me. I really appreciated it.

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Ben Halpern

Beautiful work everybody!

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Bogdan Covrig