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DEV Top Stats & Trends in 2023

Our end-of-year wrap-up has arrived! To kick things off, let's dive into the stats that highlight our impact. But, remember, DEV is more than just numbers. Beyond the data, it's the community – made up of members, mentors, content creators, organizations, and moderators – that gives DEV its vibrant and collaborative spirit. As we bid farewell to 2023, let's celebrate not only our achievements but also the growth and camaraderie that have truly defined DEV.

A Year In Review, DEV Stats for 2023

Welcoming the Millionth Member

DEV reached a milestone by welcoming its 1 millionth member early in the year. It's an achievement that signifies not just a numerical accomplishment, but a testament to the inclusive and vibrant community we've built together.

Expanding Community

Over 200,000 new members joined the DEV Community this year. This significant influx reflects the appeal of DEV's engaging and supportive atmosphere, a space where developers can connect, learn, and grow.

New Voices, New Stories

A remarkable 35,000 new authors made their debut on DEV, collectively contributing to the creation of over 100,000 articles. This surge in creativity and diverse perspectives enriches the DEV ecosystem, making it a hub for a wide range of insights and experiences.

Top 10 Tags of 2023

Our most used tags reflect the pulse of the community's interests and pursuits.

  1. #webdev
  2. #programming
  3. #javascript
  4. #beginners
  5. #tutorial
  6. #react
  7. #python
  8. #devops
  9. #aws
  10. #ai

Note the appearance of #ai in the top ten this year, knocking out one of the mainstays, #productivity.

Impactful Moderation

Our dedicated team of 6,000 volunteer moderators played a pivotal role in maintaining the quality of content and connectivity on DEV. They efficiently managed over 10,000 interactions, filtering out noise, setting experience level ratings, and adjusting tags to tailor the DEV experience for all.

New Features in 2023

Multiple Reactions: Expressing emotions became richer with the introduction of multiple reactions – ❤️🦄🔥. The community embraced this feature, adding more depth to interactions.

Subscribe to Comments: Keeping up with discussions became more convenient with the ability to subscribe to comments. This feature enhanced engagement and encouraged deeper conversations.

Hidden Tags: Taking control of your feed became easier with hidden tags. Members can curate their content and focus on what matters most to them.

Tools for Organizations: DEV evolved with more tools catering specifically to organizations.

That's a wrap, folks! 🎁
Let's continue making a difference in 2024 and beyond. Thank you so much for being a vital part of the DEV community!

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Chris Jarvis • Edited

ai defeats productivity. Wait that's not how it was meant to work. :)

What a great year for DEV!

rachelfazio profile image
Rachel Fazio

Yay! I am happy with how these visuals came out y'all— hope everyone enjoys.

pavanbelagatti profile image
Pavan Belagatti

Can we also know the top 100 folks who contributed the most to dev to community.

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt ☕

I love this recap, this is a LOT of numbers, and +6 000 mods and more than 200 000 news users? 🤯🤯

ingosteinke profile image
Ingo Steinke

I suspect there are some spam bots and secondary accounts among those 200000

abbeycity500 profile image
Arowolo Wahab Abiodun

Ikr 👍

pmig profile image
Philip Miglinci • Edited

We just joined in 2023 and starting to love from day 1. It's a really nice community to learn and share your technical thoughts and great responses.

Btw. Thanks for the swag:

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ehrbhein profile image
Irvin Gil

I'm happy to see this much impact from DEV..

Kudos to the maintainers and developer to making this community great! Glad i made the choice to move on this platform this year 🎉🥳

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Arowolo Wahab Abiodun


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cool stuff!!

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Jacelyn Sia

GitOps is one of the emerging trends and technology which will be used in 2024.
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  1. Cloud Adoption
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  3. Improved Collaboration
srbhr profile image
Saurabh Rai

AI becomes the new productivity with newer AI tools coming it'll climb to the top soon.

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João Angelo

Thanks for sharing !