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DEV Team Update

Earlier this week, we made the difficult decision to reduce the size of the DEV team. While we’ve undergone rounds of layoffs in the past, this has been especially painful. We’re saying goodbye to some of the core team members who have been absolutely critical in shaping DEV towards what it is today.

Our highest priority is to serve our global community while ensuring that we do so sustainably in the long run. We remain committed to fostering an inclusive and constructive environment and will be re-doubling our efforts across community safety and support.

We are saying goodbye to some incredible folks working across development, design, operations, community support, and product. If your team is hiring in any of those areas, please contact me at We would love to put you in touch with some amazing people.

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fyodorio profile image

That’s really sad to hear Peter. The DEV team is awesome. Would it be appropriate to ask “Why?” (Answer “no” counts but as it is our community I assume everyone here deserves to know the reason)

peter profile image
Peter Kim Frank

The DEV team is awesome.

100%. Truly amazing people and teammates.


Unfortunately, it's a pretty simple matter of us being forced to reduce expenses in order to ensure DEV's financial sustainability going forward. This was the very last thing that we wanted to do.

cbid2 profile image
Christine Belzie

So sad to hear this news. 😢 I wish the other team members well in their next adventure and hope that they know they will be missed. 🫂

spo0q profile image
spO0q 🐒

There's not a lot of space for what you're trying to achieve. So sad to read that, but this industry can be really tough.

💪 Huge thanks to the amazing people who contribute to DEV.

jenc profile image
Jen Chan

Sorry to hear this...

randellbrianknight profile image
Randell Brian Knight

This is indeed horrible news of the worst kind. I'm hoping and wishing all the laid off folks the very best in their future endeavors.😢

best_codes profile image
Best Codes


yowise profile image

I am very sorry to find out about this. 😢

perssondennis profile image
Dennis Persson

Sad to hear. Was hoping for some fun news but that was obviously not it. Wish all the luck to those who are affected.

yogeshdatir profile image
Yogesh Datir

That's normal in this time. All companies are laying off people for various reasons, one is very common reason and that's to improve the profits.

acoronadoc profile image
Albert Coronado

Bad and sad news. Good luck and all my support :(

aortega profile image
Alverto Ortega-Garcia

best wishes to them.
Please keep platform alive and active ! love it here :)

officialphaqwasi profile image
Isaac Klutse

This is sad 😔, but good job guys it's your hard work we are enjoying. I wish you well all those affected 😢

redirectpizza profile image

Sad to hear that

katongo_mlawrence_f0dc81 profile image
Katongo M Lawrence

But why Peter? You guys have been so awesome 👌.

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