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Liana Felt on May 24, 2019

Whether you're hitting the beach, heading to a conference, or just planning on taking it easy this summer, we have new DEV gear for you! ... [Read Full]
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These are amazing! Any chance for a DEV bro-tank? Something along these lines:

Bro-Tank example

But, DEV-ish? I don't get into bro culture for very much, but nothing says summer like a nice "sun's out, guns out" bro tank. :)


That's how it starts. You get it and go "Haha look at how much of a bro I look like," and before you know it, you're drunk on the freedom of not having sleeves.


Literally the day after I bought a fannypack, this comes out. I love it tho!!


Need that towel.


Towel has been deployed.


Y'all - I can't spend all my money on Dev swag. I have to eat. Please stop! today the day I learn to rock the fanny pack?



We are moving into winter in the Southern Hemisphere, I'm loving the warm Dev hoodie :)



Was looking through the store the other day for hoodies and really wish they had that hoodie (black with white text) with a zip - would totally buy that!


Could you not have released the vintage hat a few days ago when I ordered a shirt? ;-)


OMG Fanny Packs! I NEEEEEED this in my life. Now I have the dilemma of choosing a color or justifying both. :)


Awesome! You know what's summer? V-necks... I'm not stopping until you finally give in and make them ðŸĪŠ

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