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DEV Community Contributor Spotlight: @joaogabriel55

We like to (loudly!) remind everyone here that the DEV Community is powered by Forem, our community-driven open-source platform. Central to Forem's continuous improvement are the efforts of our dedicated volunteers and we like to highlight those who have gone above and beyond to help out and submit PRs to our repo.

This week, we want to highlight and thank @joaogabriel55, a member of our community whose contributions have been notably impactful.

Starting in January 2021, @joaogabriel55 has been consistently tackling issues ever since. Recently they have helped increase configurability for Forem admins, as seen in this pull request. In addition to this, @joaogabriel55 has addressed minor bugs and improved the user experience in areas like organization and podcast creation.

If you're interested in contributing or want to start tackling an issue, we encourage you to take the leap. Every contribution, big or small, helps in shaping our community. You can find more information about how to get started in our contributor's guide and explore open issues at

A big thanks again to @joaogabriel55!

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