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Design Ideas: 16 Week Writing Streak Badge

liana profile image Liana Felt (she/her) ・1 min read

Hey all! As some of you may know, we have two writing streak badges, one for 4 weeks and one for 8 weeks.

We need to create the next one for 16 weeks. Continuing with the binary "theme" gets tricky as we increase in number size because the badges can't be too wide. So we're going in a new direction, but didn't have any good ideas, so we thought the community might have good thoughts for a new writing streak badge. Any one have any ideas?

The DEV Team

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16 sounds like a great opportunity to switch to hexadecimals!


Great idea! I think we're going to incorporate this into the next one -- Thank you!


Nice! Do I get an honorary 16 badge in that case? 😉


0^4 fits within the same width and style.


Just throwing the first thing that came to mind.

So keep the "animated" cartoon style of course.
Just a big pencil, like the #2 pencil. But the number will be replaced by the streak number.
And combine this with Youtube subscribers rewards. So solver, gold, platinum, diamond, ...

I don't have any design skills so can't make an example but I hope you understand the general idea.


You could try keeping with the pop art style and make up the number for the streak using a pencil. So, it would be two pencils in this case to make the shapes for the number 16.


A continued evolution would perhaps lead to a slightly animated badge — like a gold Hearthstone card 🏆