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Congrats to the Netlify Dynamic Site Challenge Winners!

The time is now! We are pleased to announce the winners of the Netlify Dynamic Site Challenge.

From e-commerce sites to collaborative writing platforms, our DEV team of judges were impressed by the quality of submissions we received. The entries in this challenge were beautiful and incredibly well-developed. The user experiences delivered can only be achieved with dynamic caching, and these were incredible demonstrations. The experience provided in these apps is especially prescient in areas which are often under-served on the basis of network latency.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve won the challenge, we hope that all participants are walking away with a new skill and mastery in Netlify’s Platform Primitives as a gift in and of itself. Now, without further ado..

Congratulations To…

Visual Feast

@schemetastic takes home the prize for our most popular challenge prompt!

This image generation app is a great demonstration of the Netlify Image CDN, making use of transformations like resizing and format optimization. We were especially impressed by Rodrigo’s focus on user accessibility.

Build with Blobs

This app created by @srikant_code uses blob storage to help achieve an impressive user experience backed by complex logic.

Like others, this demonstrates all of the prompts, but stands out for its demonstration of what can be achieved with blob storage to read and write data.

Clever Caching

@bytrangle created an educational and delightful demonstration of caching logic.

“Mr Fresh Explores Caching” is an interactive caching demo for the uninitiated.

Our three winners will receive the following prizes:

Prompt Winners

  • $1,000 USD Gift Card or Equivalent
  • Exclusive DEV Badge
  • A gift from the DEV Shop

All Participants with a valid submission will receive a completion badge on their DEV profile.

Our Sponsor

We want to give a big shout out to Netlify for organizing this challenge with us. They are building a world-class ecosystem for developers, and we are so happy they decided to partner with us. @seancdavis, @hrishikeshk and team (looking at you too, Tiff!) were excellent to collaborate with.

Be sure to keep up with Netlify’s products and updates:

What’s next?

More challenges, of course! Check out our challenge page to see what’s launching next - new challenges launch on Wednesdays! You can follow the challenge tag so you don’t miss any announcements:


This is the official tag for submissions and announcements related to DEV Challenges.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We hope you had fun, felt challenged, and maybe added a thing or two to your professional profile. See you next time!

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nurasad profile image
Ainur Saduova

However, these projects were submitted on May 13 and the deadline was May 12.

bytrangle profile image
Trang Le • Edited

I submitted mine on May 13 around 1pm Indochina time (UTC+7). So the equivalent time in PDT time is around 11pm (UTC - 7) May 12. I barely make it in time! seems to display the date of each post according to the author's timezone without time. If you hover over the date, you can see a tooltip that displays the full time up to seconds.

srikant_code profile image
Srikant Sahoo • Edited

Exactly, this.

Read below if you want to learn a lesson from my past experience.
Earlier I had been into a situation where I participated in one of the online hackathon during mid 2021(Covid time). I prepared all the code for the submission, and after all the bug fixes, I happily went ahead to submit based on my time zone 1 hour before 12am deadline, but to my surprise the form was already closed!

I reached out to the coordinators, and they shared they had already mentioned the submission deadline time zone in the event page. But to be honest it was written in really small font which I overlooked and completely missed.

So just a tip - Always carefully check the deadline/last date and the timezone, whenever you are committed to participate in any such global online events.

nurasad profile image
Ainur Saduova

Thank you for your clarification!

schemetastic profile image
Schemetastic (Rodrigo)

I submitted mine on May 12, like 2 hours before the deadline, but I'm from Honduras, we are like one hour ahead of the PDT. I added an update on May 13 (Honduras time) before 12:59p.m. But still less than 11:59PDT... so both, the first submission and also the update was before the deadline. 🤷

nurasad profile image
Ainur Saduova

Thank you for your clarification!

mattryanmtl profile image
Matt Ryan


Saw some really nice projects during this challenge. Good job everyone.
Image description

schemetastic profile image
Schemetastic (Rodrigo)

This made me so happy!

I remember the past week breaking my back, mentally tired so many times, while listening upbeat tunes to motivate me and coding as fast and good as I could trying and to pull that project in so short time, so I worked very hard, some days I worked past midnight and some days I slept less than 5 hours I think... why so much effort? They say that when you love something you demonstrate that, I wanted to demonstrate my love for web development, for myself, my family and my God. Those were great motivations behind that project, and I hope you like it, because I Love it.

I knew web accessibility was going to take me considerable time, but, still then I couldn't leave that behind, you never know if one day you'll depend on it. But now, many people depend on it, you know? I'm glad to see how that effort is paying off.

Hey! Wanna see what else will I build to help designers and developers? Do you wanna talk? Would you like to see what else I'll add to that project? Help each other? Stick with me @schemetastic !

anselm94 profile image
Merbin J Anselm

Congratulations to all the winners! 👏

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

Congratulations to all! 👏

emmanuelayinde profile image
The Great SoluTion

Congratulations to the winners @schemetastic @srikant_code @bytrangle. More wins

pavelee profile image
Paweł Ciosek


yowise profile image

Big congratulations everyone! 🎊

phalkmin profile image
Paulo Henrique

Congrats to everyone!

mitchiemt11 profile image
Mitchell Mutandah

Awesome! 👏👏

sarahokolo profile image
sahra 💫

Congrats to all the Winners of this challenge 💥💪💥, as well as everyone who took out the time to participate 🚀🚀. Great Job everyone💫💫

mattlewandowski93 profile image
Matt Lewandowski

Congrats! Well deserved 🎉

gabrielsenadev profile image
Gabriel Sena

Awesome projects!! Congrats 🎉🎉

salika_dave profile image
Salika Dave

Congratulations to the winners! 🙌

bytrangle profile image
Trang Le

Indeed, learning about cache is the biggest gift I've got.

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