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Community Discussion Thread — Linode + DEV Hackathon

This thread is your place to share progress with your fellow Linode + DEV Hackathon participants and encourage one another throughout the month!

In this thread, you can post...

  • Positive encouragement for other participants
  • Milestones you've achieved or things you've learned throughout the hackathon
  • Links to DEV posts related to your official submission (especially if you've written multiple reflections/progress posts). Don't forget to utilize the DEV article embed tag when sharing a link!

If you need help throughout the Linode + DEV Hackathon, head over to the help thread

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sridhar02 profile image

Hi Dev Team

I am not able to get the $100 credit for my existing Linode account , i opened this link, there is only option to signup & not sign In with google. can anyone help me with this?

frikishaan profile image
Ishaan Sheikh • Edited

Try going to your account and then add a promo code devto2023. If that not works then you need to contact Linode's support. Check this thread.

toul_codes profile image

Hi all I had a lot of fun making GittyUp because it was so fun I’d like to keep expanding it and am asking you to do me a small favor by reviewing it and providing feedback on if it is something you think your company would use I’m happy to do the same for your idea too!

toul_codes profile image

Is there a projected date for the results? I'm in suspense 😩

sandy_codes_py profile image
Santhosh (sandy inspires)

@toul that's what makes Dev hackthons special for me. haha!

brandonmichaelhunter profile image
Brandon Michael Hunter

Has the winners been announced?

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