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Changelog: Updating the Stats Page

We're working on several significant feature improvements here at DEV, including making the feed more relevant, empowering non-English speaking communities to thrive, and encouraging more discussion in comments.

However, these are all larger tasks, and it can take time to see progress in these areas. Determined to continue delivering more minor improvements to the community, we recently had a mini internal hackathon, looking at where we could improve our community in a single day.

Building up your audience in DEV is essential for aspiring authors who want to find their voice. However, it's not always clear who engages with your content most. Given this issue, we directed our attention to the <post>/stats page, which provides authors with critical data about how their post performs, including engagement over time and external sites pointing people to their content.

We've now updated this page to include a list of users who have reacted to their content. Likes and reactions are always private externally - I can't see that you've liked another author's post, but they provide vital feedback to authors on who is engaging with their content. These are sent as ephemeral notifications, but now this list is permanently accessible on each post's stats page.

A screenshot of the new list of reactions on the post stats page

Names have been changed to protect the innocent


To see it, click on the "Stats" link on a post in your dashboard or append /stats to any of your posts on DEV.

Do you have any more ideas for the stats page or want to know something specific about your audience? Let us know in the comments below!

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Michael Tharrington

Wooohoo! Siked for this one. 🙌