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Changelog: Open-Dyslexic font available in settings

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πŸ‘‰ /settings/ux

DEV now offers Open-Dyslexic as a customization option.

Thank you to @codebytere for creating the PR and @bnb for opening the issue.

feat: add per-user Open Dyslexic font setting #5037

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This PR adds a new user-customizable font, OpenDyslexic, to /settings/misc. OpenDyslexic is a typeface designed against some common symptoms of dyslexia; it will allow for users of Dev.to to more easily read posts and thus serves to improve general accessibility of Dev.to.

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Closes https://github.com/thepracticaldev/dev.to/issues/5036.

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The accessibility of our platform and the web in general is a big deal for us. Anything we ship to improve things is a win. As we gradually march towards generalization of our underlying engine, we look forward to propogating this work to more and more folks.

πŸ‘‰ /settings/ux

Happy coding ❀️

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Because of this topic I have found there is a dark theme, thanks 🀘


Nice job, I just added the Open Dyslexic font on the iOS app I maintain. So it's nifty to see this post.

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