Changelog: Mentor Matchmaking!

Jess Lee (she/her) on July 06, 2018

Finding a mentor to help navigate your career can be positively life changing, but we know it's way easier said than done. And that goes both ways!... [Read Full]
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I already filled out mine! 😄

@citizen428 just messaged me about this and that was the catalyst for getting it out this week. We were in agreement but had been sitting on our hands. But @jess had a vision for how this would work and made the PR this morning and now we're live. 🙌


In very early numbers coming in, we have about 25% more people offering than requesting.

Newer devs, this is a great chance to make some awesome connections!


This sounds awesome. I marked my profile as seeking mentor. Is there something more I need to do to get paired?


Filled mine out requesting a mentor since I am a new dev!


Wow, that's a nice turn around time, thanks @ben and @jess ! :)


I just signed up for both! Can't wait to try it out.


I only regret that I have but a single unicorn to give. Amazing idea, I have high hopes


32/m/nyc/looking for mentor

am i doing this right?

no but really i am looking for a mentor. thanks for this awesome platform


I bow down to you Jess. Well done and thank you!


Thanks so much for this guy's. Just signed up, hopefully can go from mentee to mentor asap


Great idea! Love the community on here, there's so much passion for giving and helping others


Hey Maria, since we rolled out DEV Listings, we stopped supporting the mentorship program on DEV. I'd try posting in the 'offering mentorship' or 'seeking a mentor' category, depending on what your needs are!


This is such an incredible thing! Thank you so much for doing this.


Awesome, signed up as Ruby and Ruby on Rails mentor.
Also seeking help with pre-sales and business development workflows.


Submitted to find a mentor. I'm a coder already, but there's so much more to learn out there, so I'd love to have an experienced mentor.


Finally filled out both forms. This is brilliant. Thank you for setting this up.


Signed up to mentor and be mentored!

This is a great offering to an already pretty tight community; thanks @jess <3


This is great!

Just submitted, looking for mentor. I'll tell my friends about this.. this is what we need as a freshman. Can't wait.


This is such a great thing. This is such a great community to be part of. Thanks everyone.


I have no words to describe how awesome this is!


Stupid question, probably, but are do very experienced mentors expect to get paid for their time? Yes/no/depends/WTF?


this is exactly what ive been looking for - ty

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