Changelog: Join Multiple Organizations

Andy Zhao (he/him) on June 04, 2019

You'll now be able to join and belong to multiple organizations! You can check out your settings page to create or join or a new organization. Here... [Read Full]
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Under the hood of the app, this change required a big architectural change in how we handle organizations. By setting this new foundation we'll be able to explore adding more interesting features, such as guest posting for an organization.

This is my bad for creating a single organization_id field on the user model early on 😄

But yes, now that there is a multi-way relationship we will have much better support for folks who need to be a part of multiple organizations, such as different open source core team memberships, community organizations as well as work orgs, etc.

And each organization membership can have a different associative title, which could come into practice in different contexts on the site. As Andy mentions, you could have a "guest author" or "community member" role within an org, but not be listed as "on the team" in the full sense of organizational membership.


I'm not even part of one yet. :( Maybe I should start my own...


Ohhhh, really cool. I've just seen it and I was waiting for it for a while now hehehe

Thank you so much! ❤️

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