A Bug in Chrome 75 Caused Random Offline Pages

Mac Siri on June 28, 2019

Towards the end of May, we started to receive a lot of reports from DEV users that our Android App was giving them an Offline message even when the... [Read Full]
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Nice! Great write up!

So happy we know what's up with this. I know this one was giving you so major grief!


The page saying dev.to is offline appears from time to tim on Firefox. Doth on my work computer and at home. Only happens if I'm in a tab on a different website and I try to acces dev.to. I then have to open a new tab to access the website. Anyone have this too ?


Are you using Privacy Badger? Next time you get the offline page, tell Privacy Badget to "Disable Privacy Badger for this site". I had the same problem too and found this thread: github.com/thepracticaldev/dev.to/...


Yes. Thank you Daniel for the tip, I'll give it a try


Ohhhhhh, I remember this happening even when browsing to the website. Somehow (terribly of me) I hadn't noticed it wasn't going on until I saw this post.

Yay! It's fixed! \o/


The impact would have been reduced if the "app" wasn't a webview in the first place...


I just went back to using the website in Chrome and figured my device was wrong :P Though good sleuthing to find it was a Chrome issue!


Ahh thanks for the write up!

I can probably go back to using the App now!


How is it that the offline page was able to be presented? Isn't that just another normal GET request like the original that failed due to being "offline"?


Offline page is stored in service worker and is returned if a cache copy of said request doesn't exist or the request failed.


I just tried the app, and the first time it said I couldn't use the token from Twitter because it had expired (even though this was the first time I tried it), but the second time it worked.

I'm not sure why installing has given me two icons - "dev.to" and "dev community". They seem to be the same except they don't share login details.


The android app name on my homescreen is "Dev Community" if that helps!


Hmm I'm not sure why you would have two icons; did you install the PWA at some point? That would be my first guess.

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