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DevStream 0.9.0 Release

Official Releases for Different Platforms

Major Changes since Last Release

This version focuses on two things:

  • refactoring
  • making the Jenkins/GitLab/Harbor/Java combination prod-ready

Here we highlighted a few changes in this release:


  • helm-type plugins now support local charts
  • there is a new "force" flag to dtm destroy command, thanks to @csonezp
  • k8s backend is supported for storing state


  • GitHub Actions for Python is enhanced
  • Jenkins/GitLab/Harbor plugins are greatly enhanced, including documentation, features, default values, etc.
  • ArgoCD plugin now treat namespace in an "upsert" manner
  • new plugin: harbor
  • added many default options for each plugin


  • Install dtm with asdf in quickstart, thanks to @zhenyuanlau
  • GitLab + Jenkins + Harbor On Premise Toolchain best practice (in Mandarin)
  • There is a new document (in both English and Chinese) detailing how to setup a local development Environment for Golang/K8s related projects (not specific to DevStream)


See the full changelog here.

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