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You are front-end developer? This is for you, Sample Data API


Today i am making this post for my new website which is based on sample data.

Here, I have created for the front-end developer.

It can be useful to new beginners who has started learning new front-end tech, But they are not having ready to use APIs. Sampledataapi is providing a ready to use APIs.

It can be also get used to practice for APIs calls.

Test your front-end against a Real / Fake APIs

  1. 24 / 7 Available
  2. SSL Enabled
  3. CORS Enabled
  4. Sample Data API / Fake Data API
  5. Real Response

A hosted ready to use REST-APIs.
Ready to respond to your mobile app / react-native / AJAX or any other requests

Complete signup and user profile APIs

Hey Guys please visit the site and share your valuable thoughts here.


Here is the link for it Sample Data APIs

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