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6 Ways To Make Money With Your Code

Many of us know what “Coding” is and maybe some of you’ve built really cool projects and have many years of practice, however, not everybody knows how to really make money from your code. I tried to find the best ways how to do it, some of them I used myself and some of them not, but actually, everybody can highlight something from this top.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the most popular ways of doing money, if you know something well enough (Coding, Photoshoping, or Editing) then you can easily present your services. It is directly proportional to how much effort you put into this. There are many platforms to start accepting orders from other people, for instance: Upwork, Fiverr and etc.

Competitive Environment, you need to put really much effort to be better than other
If you’re new at this niche most likely that customers just won’t notice you
As I said earlier, is it directly proportional to how much effort you put into this
The more positive feedback you have the more you be popular and earn more

2. Creating Courses

I’ll show you how profitable can it be, there’s a course of Python — “2021 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python” and it has over 1.2 million students, which means that even with the lowest price (11.99$) the founder with of this course will earn more than 14 million dollars. You can tutor other 1 to 1 or create a course on Udemy as I’ve shown earlier. I think you get the idea, now let’s look at the minuses and pluses.

You need to know something really good to teach others
Maybe it will require any attachments
As you saw only in one example, you can make a really big sum of money
It’s really useful because when you teach someone you understand it better yourself

3. Start a Blog

You can do it anywhere and anytime, It doesn’t matter where you want to start a blog. For example, I write articles on Medium like — “12 VSCode Extensions That Every Developer Should Use”, “Simple Commands In Linux that will Make You Feel Like a Pro”, “JavaScript Tips to Improve Your Webpage Performance” and even the one you are reading now. You can start YouTube Channel and shoot videos about programming or something else that you’re good at.

You will have to fight your way through countless other YouTubers like you
In order for people to come to your channel, you must take care of the design, sound quality, and image itself
Who didn't want to become a famous YouTuber? or who didn’t want to sit at home and earn millions of dollars? I guess you got me right

4. Make Your Startup

Actually, I think it’s the most difficult at this top, but also the most lucrative. Look at such companies as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and many others. These were just startups by some group of reckless programmers that became the biggest companies in the world. I’m not telling you to become a new Steve Jobs, I’m just saying that you can make your small business of an idea that you or someone else invented and have Really good money from it. It doesn’t matter what will it be, a simple app that helps people to navigate better or something else.

You need to invest money and time
You need to be good not only at programming
You’ll probably need a team because without it team it will much harder
Maybe many attempts will fail
You can build whatever you want
the path that brings you the most money

5. Plugins For WordPress

If you don’t know, WordPress is the most popular platform for creating sites without actually knowing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Actually, everyone uses plugins for it, and as you’ve might notice you can create your own plugin and have a passive income from it.

To create a plugin that will get layout website easier you need to know how to build sites yourself and not only
You can create plugins with no restrictions and it will bring you more money
Passive Income

6. Bots for Discord

If you have ever been on the Discord server that I’m pretty sure that there were many bots that have different functionality, for example, some of them are for music playback, some if for better managing member’s messages, and some of them just for fun. If you’ve made really great bot that solves specific problems then you can easily sell it on Freelance Sites which I talked about earlier or somehow differently.

You should know several libraries for it

It’s fun!

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Andrew Baisden

The blogging path has done wonders for my career!

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