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12 Best developer merchandise

Hi my developer colleagues 👋.
I am gonna share here with you my list of best merchandise a software engineer can get. I am sure most of you will agree with me that developers adore t-shirts and stickers based on their profession.

This list is my personal favourite and I hope in here you will find something you like as well. It includes my favourite T-shirts as well as some neat stickers you can use to decorate your laptop.

1. There is no place like

I use localhost all the time, so this joke is perfect for me. There is no place where i feel as safe and cozy as my futuristic home address. Personally I love how artistic the graphic looks like. This t-shirt and stickers in unlimited edition are available for purchase from February 1st 2023. Tee is priced at $26.99 while 3”x3” sticker is sold for $8.99. Both prices include free shipping.
There is no place like

2. Docker

Docker is my goto tool when I need to deploy basically any piece of code. That is the main reason I had to include a docker merchandise. This one was the best I could find online. I am a big fan of how whale is carrying small containers on top of himself. I also love how cute the whale looks with his gloomy eyes. Sadly this t-shirt won’t be available for purchase until April 1st 2023. I have to say I’m a bit sad that i didn’t get to snatch limited edition of this tee.

3.I are programmer I make computer beep boop

I’m not sure about you but I am a huge NASA fan and a dog owner. So this merchandise had to be on my list. I know my dog snoopy is smart. I’m not sure if he’ll ever become an astronaut, but If he ever does, this is exactly how I envision him doing his job on a computer in space. This t-shirt is available for purchase in non limited edition at a price of $26.99 (including shipping). It’s been that way since January 1st 2023.
I are programmer I make computer beep boop

4. Software algorithm

I used to do competitive algorithm solving on It was a fun activity I used to do with my friends. While discussing our solutions I must say I’ve felt like a gentleman from steampunk games. Hence this merch is a must have for me. If you buy a 2-month subscription by February 28th you can get this T-shirt + another one in limited edition for a price of $34.99 (including free shipping). I think that’s a great deal. Otherwise you’ll have to wait end of the year to get it in non limited edition.
Software algorithm

5. Breaking builds

I used to work in devops and I’m a huge breaking bad fan. Even though breaking bad was ages ago this tee is a must have for me. I must admit my builds tend to break from time to time. You know how they say, failure is just a first attempt at learning. This tee is available for purchase for price of €21.84, but care as that price doesn’t include shipping.
Breaking builds

6. Real world coding

By having gone trough recent layoffs and interview rounds by myself. I can totally relate with this t-shirt. For me interviews are stressful and while doing technical part I feel like a small robot defender which fights for my coding solution. This T-shirt is available for purchase at a price of $34.99 (which includes shipping), you also get to pick 1 extra different T-shirt.
Real world coding

7. To be or not to be

I love this kind of word play. My girlfriend is linguist so I’ve kind of adopted those from her and ted to use it with my colleagues. Also I find it cool to have a keychain with expression statement on it. You can get this cool keychain for $13.08 + shipping.
To be or not be

8. Golang mug

Sadly with golang’s official store closing we have to go to alternative stores to get merchandise. But to be fair the mug still looks cool and I would love to get my coffee. Some caffeine is always welcome while writing code. You can get it for $12.95 + shipping. Consider also getting a gopher plush from them. They are insanely cute
Golang Mug

9. sticker pack

I love platform. It has enabled me to connect with community, learn new things and expand my following. They have an awesome sticker pack, so why not give some love back and buy it. You can get their sticker pack for a good price of $12.00 with free shipping included. sticker pack

10. Gitlab hoodie

I’m a huge fan of gitlab, and I think they are doing an amazing job. That is the reason why I had to list their official hoodie. It looks cool, feels comfortable and makes a point. It has a bit hefty price of $40.00 + shipping but in my opinion it is totally worth it.
Gitlab hoodie

11. Frontend backend

This two sided t-shirt is one of the best I could find. I’m in web development so it has a certain appeal to me. Tee has a cool design with tech monkeys from the future. As well as frontend written on the front and backend on the back of it. It simply had to be featured in this list. I’m not sure when it will be available for purchase in non limited edition or what it’s price will be but one thing is for sure, It looks awesome.
Frontend backend

12. Rick and Morty 100 sticker pack

Even though it is not exactly developers related, I wanted to give this list a bit of personal touch. So figured why not include a rick and morty sticker pack. It includes a 100 small sticker, but honestly it looks cool and is something you can share with your friend. It comes at a nice price of $12.99
Rick and Morty 100 sticker pack


It’s been nice writing this list. Let me know what you think about these products in the comments. If you have any other suggestions please drop them in the comments.
Also don’t forget to like it ❤️  and bookmark it 🏷️ for later use.


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