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Using GenerativeAI as a Mentor for your Career Growth

I have been mentoring for the AWS community for a while now, specifically on helping people get AWS certified, and the most common question asked by learners revolves around which appropriate certification to take. Right now, there are 11 distinct AWS certifications across the foundational, associate, professional, and specialty levels to choose from. These certifications cover a broad range of AWS cloud knowledge areas including architecture, operations, security, machine learning, networking, databases, data analytics, and development.

If you ask me, there simply is not one answer to this question. When I first started learning AWS, this was a question I also asked.

Google Does Not Have All the Answers!

Now, this is not the first time when I tried to search for the answer online, but the amount of results is too overwhelming. Instead of the results helping me, it ended up with me having to sort through the results. I had to spend a few minutes or hours reading about each article, get different perspectives, and then finally decide on which certification to take (my original question).

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I can add more keywords to my search, but this proves to be a mistake at times as it starts to get more articles related to words I put in the search bar, which aren't really relevant to what I'm looking for.

The Art of Prompt Engineering

With the not-so-recent AI boom, we are introduced to an advanced Large Language Model that is ChatGPT. It is an artificial intelligence system that can interact in a conversation through natural language.

Now, why are LLMs better than a normal browser search? LLMs have conversational ability. It can clarify context and has the ability for conversation. You can ask follow-up questions if you are not satisfied with the initial answer.

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With LLMs, prompt engineering comes into play. It is important to know the HOW of asking or structuring text to be best interpreted by a generative AI model.

Chatbots is just one of the advances made with AI. There are also other technologies of GenAI like Image or Text Generation that already proved to be useful in a lot of ways.

Exploring AI is also becoming easier each day. Recently, AWS announced the release of PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground. Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that makes base models from Amazon and third-party model providers accessible through an API. With PartyRock and even with zero code, you can build apps that can generate text or images based on pre-defined prompts depending on your use case.

If AI is so smart, it can answer my hardest questions!

Going back to the original question that I get asked a lot, how do I start learning for the AWS Career Path that I want to take? With this, I created the AWS Career Path Learning Guide (using PartyRock). It uses pre-made prompts that will guide the user on a study plan toward a recommended AWS Certification.


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The app also suggests a study guide depending on the amount of time you want to allocate in achieving the AWS certification.

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It provides resources to assist in your study plan

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Finally, there is a chatbox to ask additional questions on the recommendations:
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You can remix any existing app created by other users, or create your own app from scratch. Try to explore #partyrock on your own and let me know what you think about it in the comments!

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