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Grace Harders for Developers @ Asurion

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Don't Become A Code Monkey!

When starting a software project it can be easy to jump in headfirst without a plan. We at Asurion are here to give you some of our advice on how to avoid some of the pitfalls developers can fall into in their project structure. We discuss technical ideas, how to avoid burnout, and the importance of team health.

This podcast episode features four Asurion developers:
Manju Bellamkonda
Grace Harders - A software engineer with a passion for frontend development, developer health, and creativity. You can find her personal developer blog at
Luis Santiago - A Software Engineer at Asurion. Always eager to learn.. You can find his YouTube channel here:
Robert Tate - A Software Engineer at Asurion. Also a big fan of D&D. You can find his personal blog at

You can follow Developers at Asurion at this link:

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