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What are the Major Challenges Faced by Android App Developers?

Indulging in app development for Android is much more flexible and easy. It entails the developers with enhanced liberty as Google play store, don’t impose a strict restriction for app submission. This is the general conception people carry and it is not entirely false, but not entirely true as well. Despite such liberties, there are other challenges involved in the Android app development which makes the Android training complex. The platform is very wide and developed and offer a bundle of opportunities to frame a great career option for the developers. With excess liberty comes excess competition. Being able to stand that competition and make your app stand out is something every app developer should learn. One of the growing sectors in Android is enterprise app development and if you master the art of outstanding the competition, you can sparkling future.

Android is one of the most popular OS for the smartphone across the globe also has some of the most basic and prevalent challenges to overcome. Let's have a look at those challenges.

1) Hardware Compatibility

Android being a huge platform, the devices available for this platform are also in abundance. Building an app that is compatible with all these devices with different size and shape is a challenge for the newbie taking training on this platform. It's kind of freaking with Android devices with diversified features, different keyboard format, different camera button, different screen size and what not. A massive challenge, what say?

2) Software Compatibility

With a divergent range of hardware out on the market making hardware fragmentation, there is also a plethora of OS version for the Android in the app market. For the Android developers, it is tricky to keep up with all the versions of the Android out in the market. Also, not all the devices have upgraded their OS version to the latest one and these make their apps malfunction or not at all function on the older version at all. Nightmare for the Android developer, right? Well, as it is always said the grass is always greener on the other side. Android always looks easier from the other side.

3) Expensive and Extensive Research

One of the massive challenges in the way of live project training of Android and also for the existing expert Android developers is the extensive amount of research involved in the sector. When research is extensive it would also be expensive for sure. Bering in the know-how of the end users and estimating the ever-evolving wish list of the users and developing apps likewise or making changes accordingly in the existing ones is by default costly.

4) Security Breach

One of the biggest pros turns out to be one of the biggest cons of the Android. No stringent app launch guidelines, a win-win for the new developers. No strict guidelines, an open invitation for the hackers to get into the apps and screw them up for their personal benefits. A lose-lose for the developers as well. Leaving a minor glitch in the security will screw your app on the go and your career as an Android developer as well.

5) Fragmentation Freak-outs

Android developers should be fairly in the know of the current scenario. Don’t faff like what current scenario. You already know and if not you better know now there are several carriers for Android OS. Not just that, developers are also at the freedom to make alterations in the operating system as per their wish. This will do nothing else but add even more to the fragmentation issues. Don’t freak out, there are herds of developers in the market combating these challenges and you will also do the same effectively and efficiently.

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