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As a developer/programmer, this are one of the best tip you can follow..

  1. Focus on a thing As you can decide from the title, that this dude is trying to tell me to focus on one language, Am not what i meant is that you can learn as many languages , but companies will only ask you for one. Meaning no matter how many programming languages you know, focus on one

  2. Develop(Practice) As it is well said, practice makes perfect.. imagine learning a new thing today and suddenly forgets tomorrow. WHY?, because you didn't practice what you learnt. so repetition is one of the best way to learn a lot

  3. Build Stuffs(Projects) So alright sure, you can code and you remember your codes because you practice a lot, that amazing(to you). WHY? even tho you can code all in this world, without a project no one will believe you, they will take you for granted... so a developer without a project is more like a memer

  4. Refactor your codes It is highly recommended to refactor your code: it is a technique to restructure a source code, altering its internal structure without changing its external behavior. Because as a developer we spend 80% reading code and 20% writing it, and if we have a good code we save a lot of time. Other thing is that often, we work with other people, and obviously is a good idea always write readable code.

  5. Learn from experience Yes, you are a developer, you build amazing projects but you keep repeating the sane error, aren't you learning from your experience? i don't think so. Yh i don't, why? you took road A in the first phase and didn't work you switched , then when you need to do something like that you took the road A again, doesn't that sounds weird???? it does, learn as you code.

Bonus: Meet People Meeting new people is a great idea, because we establish a connection by winning contacts that can benefit us in future projects or jobs. It is also a good idea to talk with other developers to learn, also participate in meetings, presenter in a conference / talk and other things.

Thanks, hope you like it.


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