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PowerShell Equivalents of Common Bash Commands

Hello Everyone👋
I made a quick cheat-sheet for PowerShell equivalent of common Bash Commands. PowerShell is also a very powerful shell but can be confusing for people who are acquainted with Bash/ZSH.
Cheat Sheet Image

Hope this helps. I will make a few more cheat-sheets and dive into the various commands in more detail.

Thanks for reading 🤝🤝
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Let me know in the comment section if you have any doubt or feedback. Feedback is appreciated!!

See you in my next post!! Stay Safe😷

Happy Learning! 😃😃

Discussion (3)

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Muhammad Faran Aiki

I am still using CMD, but, hey, maybe I will use PowerShell some days.
Is it worth it to use PowerShell? Because the impression of PowerShell from me is a little laggy and slow.

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Pratik Kumar Panda Author

Windows PowerShell is a command-line shell and scripting language designed especially for system administration. PowerShell CMD was the default shell for MS DOS and thus has a very limited functionality. PowerShell however provides much more flexibility over CMD and it supports all CMD commands too.

It might be slow because it has to start the .NET framework before running. I run PowerShell on Windows Terminal and it runs fine without any delay.
Do give it a try✌️

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Muhammad Faran Aiki

Great, I would try it, since I think PowerShell command > Batch command.