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Tips to get a job as a Developer

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Hi Everyone!

This is my first post and I hope some people find it useful on how to land their first job as a developer, but I'm sure the following tips will even help you land a job even if you have a job as a dev already. If you have more tips, comment them and I will add them to the list.

1.- Nobody cares if you went to Yale, to the technical school down the road, or you learned how to code watching Youtube. As long as you know your stuff, you are game. If a company cares about where you went to school, rather than focusing on your skills, you probably don't want to work there anyway.

2.- Contribute to Open Source. How? Github(https://github.com/) is a good place to start or go to NPM and find projects there.

3.- Have your resume complete. FYI, I review resumes for FREE. Send me a DM on Twitter @pato_codes.

4.- Complete your profile on LinkedIn. Seriously, this is how tech recruiters can find you.

5.- Be active on LinkedIn. Share what you read, your thoughts, what you are learning etc. I get contacted by recruiters a few times a week, because all the things previously mentioned. (Keep LinkedIn professional tho)

6.- Contact recruiters. The candidates from recruiting agencies have a higher chance to get an interview than people who apply directly to the company.

7.- Have a personal website.

8.- Have a least 3 projects on your portfolio (talk about them in your resume).

9.- Make sure every single line of code you write to have it on Github. I have interviewed people in my previous jobs and if the candidate doesn't have a Github, I don't even look at their resume. Recruiters can find you on Github too ;)

10.- Answer/Post questions on Stackoverflow.

11.- Create a developer story on Stackoverflow. How do I do this? Go to your profile->Click on Developer Story Tab. Once Completed, you will see something like mine https://stackoverflow.com/users/story/5262452. This helps recruiters find you and helps YOU find the job you want.

12.- Show your passion about programming while interviewing.

13.- Show your desire to learn new technologies.

14.- Be active on Twitter. Twitter? wait, What??? Yes. Twitter is an informal way to meet developers. You never know who can open their doors.

15.- Data-structures and Algorithms are the most important things! LIES! The majority of the developers will never use a crazy algorithm or a crazy DS. You also need to focus on learning best practices, how to integrate different tools like NPM packages to your code, APIs, etc.

16.- DO NOT get discourage if you don't hear back from any of the 200 companies you QUICK APPLIED on Indeed or LinkedIn.

17.- DO NOT CLICK ON "quick apply" to jobs. Most of the jobs posted with 'QUICK APPLY' are fake. Take a minute to apply, answer the questions on their forms etc.

18.- DO NOT LIE on your resume. Everything you put on your resume is valid for the interviewer to ask questions.

19.- Go to meetups. Meetups are an awesome way to do networking. Also, recruiters go to meetups too :)

20.- Participate in Hackathons. If youR school or someone in your town is hosting a hackathon participate EVEN if you don't think you are good enough to compete. Listen, hackathons are not always about competing (lol I'm super competitive) it's about learning, networking and having a good time! oh! and they give free food (most of them).

21.- Look for jobs on Stackoverflow, LinkedIn and Indeed. Stackoverflow is very good for remote jobs :)

22.- Set the preferences on Stackoverflow and LinkedIn specifying that you are on the market looking for an opportunity.

23.- Post on twitter that you are looking for a job. More than one of us will retweet it.

24.- Worried about your GPA? Dang, sorry COLLEGE wasn't for you, but that doesn't mean you don't know how to code. In fact, I know a lot of very talented programmers who had a very low GPA.

You don't have do every single one of the tips. They are tips, not rules or formulas on how to land a job as a developer.

Good luck on your job search!

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Congrats for your first post! I'm in the same situation :D
About your post. I totally agree with your tips. Especially with 2, 7 and 8. It's super important to have an active presence on github and make contributions for the community.


Amigo Mauro! What's is your post going to be about? and yes exactly! we have to give back to the community!


I already published it. It's about tailwindcss and Angular (how to integrate tailwindcss into Angular project without pain :D

Niceeeeeeee def will read it


Hey Pato, you made great points here and I wanted to reiterate a few of them.

1) I started at a private college here in the US, but ended up leaving and finishing my degree at a technical institute. In no way has that influenced my career in any way.

8-9) Yes. I have done plenty of interviews and I feel like I know the person across from me during the conversation when I have already read through their code examples and sample projects. Get your code out there. I don't care if it's just the step by step example from a udemy course or a simple start.spring.io/ shell that you strapped a few lombok controllers on top of. Let me see it all.

12-13) Totally agree. If during the interview process I can't tell that you're into learning and developing, you're not getting a call back. I don't care if you know the exact stack we use, because if you're clever and willing to dig in, you'll figure it out.

Keep up the good writing!


Thank you much for th feedback. Specially coming from someone with the level of experience that you have!!


I really enjoyed this post, I still find it funny that so many places put such emphasis on which school you attended rather than the work you've delivered.


I noticed you are a CTO. I have spoken to several CTO's in the past 3 years. None of them care about where you went to school.


It's funny some of the best developers I know are people who learnt on their own and their self drive is what made them great, not the name of the school behind them.

I wish I could just hit retweet to this comment. You are 100% right


Congrats on your first post, it impressive Thanks for the article am also searching for job i think this tips are going to help me, Thanks


Excellent first post. In point 3 you missed an 's' at your @.


Gracias Hugo! Un saludo. Yo soy de León, Guanajuato


Thanks a lot for these great tips. I still have to complete lots of things.....


that's awesome!! welcome to the coolest community ever :)