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Patricio Vargas (Pato) - Overview

Google Developer Expert on Angular and Web Technologies | Auth0 Ambassador | Media Developer Expert for Cloudinary | Twilio Champ | Technical Coach at SpringBoard | Google Women Techmaker
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google developer expert

Using as a centralized space to show what I have done for the community.


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"My brain🧠 is a Software Engineer but my heart❤️ a developer advocate🥑"

I'm a Google Developer Expert on Angular and Web Technologies, Women Techmaker Ambassador, Auth0 Ambassador, Media Developer Expert at Cloudinary, Twilio Champion, Postman Supernova, Amazon Community Builder, and SpringBoard mentor.

Ex. Platzi Master Coach

developer relations

A little more about me: I am very passionate about what I do especially when it comes to code and community. Coding was my motivation to obtain my B.S in Computer Science. I have participated in several hackathons and even won two of them. I love mentoring people in technology, writing articles, contributing to open source, speaking at conferences/tech talks, and advocating for technologies that I love.

Currently, I'm the Sr.Developer Advocate for OneSignal where I'm leading the DevRel efforts and building the DevRel department from the ground up.

Another of my community contributions is managing the Angular Hispano Open Source project where 60 people from around the Hispanic community are contributing to the Angular project. We are working closely with the Angular Core team at Google to meet goals and deliverables.

I have written over 30 articles (with more than 250k views combined) on different topics like AWS, Angular, Javascript, NodeJS, React JS, PWAs, and more.

Another way I have been helping the community is by writing tweets under my personal twitter account,This Dot Media and OneSignal Developers accounts. The tweets contain tips, code snapshots, and more to help developers. Example of my tweets: this one.

Pato, Is there something else you do? Definitely, I host monthly Twitter Spaces where I invite other members of the community to talk about technical topics, I host webinars, do cross collaborations with other Devrel teams across the industry, and many more things.


  • GitHub: devpato

  • Stackoverflow: devpato with 4K+ points and contributions have reached over 1.2 million people

  • Twitter: devpato

  • React Online Meetup Host

  • Founder of AngularJAX meetup



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