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Open Source Simple Online Shop With React Native

This is an open-source react native project that I and my friend did when we're at home because of the pandemic. I also doing live stream on Facebook while coding this project, you can check here. And this project made for both platforms (iOS & Android).

Here's the app preview:
Alt TextAlt Text

What main library we used?

React Hooks

95% already use React Hooks. We want to create an open-source project that uses React Hooks for learning and the best practice.

Reusable Components

We try our best to always make a reusable component, so the community can learn about the reusable component in react-native.

Utility Style

Most react-native beginners will use pre-defined components such as NativeBase and UI Kitten. But on this project, we want to introduce OsmiCSX as a utility-style for react native to the community. It's like TailwindCSS on the website, easy to use, and easy to customize. Check OsmiCSX Docs

That's all, I hope it can help everyone to learn React Native and how to use React Hooks on React Native.
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