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From Novice to Pro in 14 Days: My Journey to AWS MLOps Certification


In the dynamic world of cloud computing and machine learning, integrating ML into operational processes is increasingly crucial. The AWS MLOps certification is a benchmark of excellence for professionals at all levels in DevOps and ML. My journey to earning this certification in a mere 14 days was a blend of personal challenge and professional development, demonstrating the accessibility and transformative potential of AWS MLOps.

Preparing for AWS MLOps Certification

  1. Resource Selection:
    • Frank Kane's and Stephane Maarek's courses on Udemy (AWS Certifies Machine Learning Specialty 2024 - Hands On), along with Tutorial Dojo's practice exams, offer a comprehensive and in-depth approach to learning various technical and professional skills.
    • Together, these resources offer a well-rounded educational experience, combining comprehensive theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on exercises and assessments.
  2. Study Plan:
    • The Udemy course, spanning approximately 14 hours, was allocated the initial seven days of my study schedule, with a commitment to four hours of study each day. Subsequently, the following week was devoted entirely to working through practice exams to solidify my understanding and application of the course material.
  3. Community and Support:
    • Given the extensive and challenging nature of the material, I experienced stress daily over the 14-day period. However, I discovered a valuable resource on Reddit, specifically the r/AWSCertifications page. Here, individuals shared their personal experiences with the exams, their preparation strategies, and insights into what to expect. Reading through these posts provided me with a clearer perspective on the examination process and significantly alleviated my stress by setting clearer expectations.

Challenges and Overcoming Them

  • Identifying Challenges: Balancing a full-time job with an intensive study schedule presented significant challenges. Working 8 hours a day while dedicating another 4 hours daily to studying not only strained my schedule but also nearly eliminated my social interactions. This rigorous routine led to a marked decrease in leisure time and opportunities for relaxation, which are essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The demanding nature of this dual commitment often left me with little time for personal activities or socializing with friends and family, creating a sense of isolation
  • Overcoming Strategies: To manage stress and maintain a balanced lifestyle amidst my busy schedule, I prioritized healthy eating for sustained energy and focus. Additionally, late-night gym sessions became an essential part of my routine, serving as a stress reliever and a way to ensure better sleep, crucial for my daily productivity. This combination of a nutritious diet and regular exercise effectively supported my dual commitments to work and study.

The Certification Process

  • Exam Experience: The exam predominantly centered around Amazon SageMaker, encompassing a detailed exploration of its features, use cases, and integration within the AWS framework. Remarkably, there was a notable omission of any questions about the confusion matrix, an element often considered crucial in similar contexts. T
  • Managing Time: My strategy for managing time during the exam was methodical and precise. With the exam duration set at 180 minutes and a total of 65 questions to answer, I allocated approximately 3 minutes to each question. This approach ensured that I spent a focused and consistent amount of time on each question. Adhering to this time frame was crucial; once I spent the allotted 3 minutes on a question, I moved on and did not return to it. This disciplined approach helped me to cover all questions within the given time without getting bogged down by any particularly challenging ones.
  • Question Style: The notorious complexity of AWS exam questions was something I was well-prepared for, thanks to extensive practice exams. Through these practice sessions, I noticed a recurring pattern in the multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. Typically, out of the available options, two were illogical or irrelevant to the question's context. Identifying and eliminating these implausible options first became a key part of my strategy. This approach effectively narrowed down my choices, significantly enhancing the likelihood of selecting the correct answer. It was a systematic way to tackle the trickiness of the questions and increase my overall accuracy on the exam.

Post-Certification Reflections

  • Career Impact: Achieving this certification proved a pivotal milestone in my professional journey. It not only led to a well-deserved raise at my current job but also opened new avenues in my career. Armed with the knowledge and credentials, I am now entrusted with managing machine learning projects on the cloud. This new responsibility signifies not just an expansion of my skill set but also a broadening of my role within the organization, allowing me to delve into more complex, innovative projects that leverage cloud technologies. The certification has undeniably been a catalyst for growth, both in terms of professional recognition and the scope of opportunities available to me.


My 14-day journey to AWS MLOps certification was a testament to the power of dedication and focused learning. It's a path that offers immense growth and opportunities, regardless of where you stand on your professional journey in DevOps and ML.

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