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6 Slack communities about DevOps to join in 2021

It’s common for engineers to follow certain practices or to use specific and constantly evolving tools to provide better services, deliver efficient applications and maintain a more robust infrastructure. If you want some diversion from reading articles and researching every new trend in the Cloud and DevOps space on your own, then joining communities is a nice short-cut and sometimes very productive alternative for you to learn or create new connections with some fellow engineers.

Here are some additional reasons why it can be beneficial to join these online communities:

  • Collaboration – It allows members to collaborate and to discuss with other professionals in areas in which they want to either clarify or to gather some insights that would help them expand their knowledge. A collaboration channel is available for members to post questions, answer questions or read insights that might be beneficial to them, i.e. articles or websites that can be used for learning or training, new concepts or approaches that are effective and efficient to use.
  • Camaraderie – Sometimes working alone bothers and disrupts our mental health, so another good thing about these communities is that they can promote conversation with other members and foster new relationships with comrades or future co-workers whom we can relate to, not just solely regarding work topics but also our frustrations and other sentiments about our profession, clients, trends, etc.
  • Feedback – These communities also provide a channel for learning members to get insights and feedbacks about their technological approaches, strategies and ideas. The insights or critique they get from other members can help them improve and enhance their work, projects or even startups.
  • Career opportunities – They can provide access to job opportunities most especially to those who are actively seeking for jobs in DevOps, SRE or Infrastructure positions. They usually have a specific channel made for members to post vacancies that other members then can apply for directly. Here are 6 free and open Slack communities you join right now

Azure Stack Blog

This community is all about Azure. It provides a medium for everyone to share ideas, best practices or solutions to improve and make their services better through collaboration and Q&A.


A community that allows discussions and questions about Kubernetes. Novice members could also join to learn and get or share their sentiments.

DevOps Engineers

DevOps Engineers its members to come together on the topics of infrastructure, automation, and continuous integration.


HangOps allows members to hangout and create awesome discussions about anything related to devops such as infrastructure ,automation and continuous integrations.

Devlio DevChat

A community of developers that allows members to ask and answer questions, solve challenging problems or scenarios and have a good time learning together.

All Day DevOps

All Day DevOps holds devops conferences that gather different devops to collaborate and hear out other speakers (devops leaders) that would inspired and provide insights to the members. Aside from that since this is a slack community, it also provides the same collaborative channels that members can utilize.

If you want some more

If the above list isn’t enough for you and you want to join a few more (including smaller and non-free) or slightly different communities, you can visit Slofile Slofile to search for them.

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