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S4:E7 - Freenode’s Mass Resignations, NVIDIA’s Less Crypto-Friendly Chips, Twitter’s Crop Algorithm Investigation, and Remote Employers Excluding Colorado

In this episode, we talk about companies excluding the state of Colorado from remote opportunities due to the Equal Pay For Equal Work Act, NVIDIA making their graphics cards less desirable for cryptocurrency miners, and Twitters report on its investigation into its cropping algorithm, which many people criticized as having a racial and gender bias. Then we speak with James Eaton-Lee, former staff member at Freenode, and current staff member of Libera.Chat, which was created in response to entrepreneur and Crown Prince of Korea, Andrew Lee, taking control of Freenode, which led to a mass resignation of many of its staff developers.

Show Notes

James Eaton-Lee

James is a Staff Member at Libera.Chat and was a Freenode staffer from 2007-2021. He has worked in tech for almost 20 years, and presently works in Privacy & Cybersecurity for an INGO.

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