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For me it was my first project with Vue and Firebase. Vue, because it's easy to use, powerful, well documented, component-driven, simple and performant. Firebase because of its awesome realtime database and easy integration into Vue.


+1 for Vue and Firebase. Vue was the first framework for me because, like you said, it's easy to use, powerful, etc. Firebase for the same reasons. Still loving the dev experience to this day with these two.


Hello KJ,
If you have good knowledge of Firebase, then can you help me to figure out my issue. I am able to allow/deny notifications, token but at last step not able to push notifications using Web JavaScript app.

Thanks :)

Hi Anjan,
can you show your code? (Github, Codepen, ...) Would be easier to help you with your problem.
Btw there are quite a lot of examples for Vue and notifications.

thanks for sharing vue js example!!! this is my blog where residing a lot of stuff of Visual Studio stuff.


I know this one. Rust, i just love it. I did this thing that shows desktop notifications, which is not a big deal (i cheated a little), but just look at it! It doesn't have any if statements!! Almost all paths are handled by functions.


Ruby and Kotlin <3. I had to create a site, and all my classmates started using PHP, and I didn't like it, so I searched for alternatives and found ruby ​​on rails. I fall in love, didn't have to use too much the $ sign 😜. Then I became an Android developer and started using Java when I migrated from old Java to Kotlin was like move ten years forward.


Always good to not just do what everyone does 👍🏻
Thanks for sharing!


Mine was Java. First 'real' programming experience after a few years tinkering around with scripts and such. I remember moving some robot around on the screen in high school and ever since then I've been hooked.


Lisp. It's so simple and elegant, and it has so many parenthesis.


Cool! Never did something with Lisp, but I saw it one or two times. Lisp was the one with these list expressions right? (+ 1 2 3) resulting in 6 ?


Visual Basic. Seeing things come to life right before my eyes was satisfying and addicting.


Yes! I can relate to that so much! Seeing the results of your own creation is 🔥!


I'm fully addicted of Visual studio languages especially C#


Programmable programming languages are 🤯! Thank you for sharing!


Powershell because it made sense and was fun. I could create an entire program in one line, like making a ping command can be done super easily. In any other language it would be 5+ lines of code.

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