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5 Best Websites for Free Laravel Templates

This is a roundup of the best websites where you can find and download free Laravel templates. These high quality items will power up your dashboards.

There are many template creators in the online space. Here are the reasons that make the ones mentioned below stand out from the crowd.

  • Templates are offered free for both personal and commercial use
  • Items look modern and are presented with the mandatory Live Preview
  • You are not required more than an email address or signup to download


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HTMLrev (free) is the largest free HTML template library on the web. It showcases top work from generous creators around the world. You will find a large collection of free Laravel templates for dashboards


  • Showcases the best templates created by top makers
  • Constantly updated with the latest releases
  • Easy to browse through categories

Creative Tim

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Creative Tim (free + paid) is an established template provider loved by developers for their commitment to building production-ready templates. They specialize in impeccable UI kits, admin dashboards and design systems for multiple architectures including Laravel.


  • Code and documentation in a class of their own
  • Focused on UI kits, dashboards and design systems


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ThemeSelection (free + paid) offers an extensive collection of UI kit and dashboards templates. The free Laravel dashboard templates are very well designed and on par with their premium packages. There are just a couple of free packages available but the quality is remarkable.


  • Couple of really well put together items
  • Requires attribution link


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JustBoil (free + paid) provides a great library of dashboard templates dedicated to various libraries. It's one of the few makers I found that uses Bulma besides Tailwind. The free Laravel templates are professional packages with great design and multiple components.


  • Pro designed, coded and documented
  • Unique Bulma option besides Tailwind

Honorable mentions

Sources for one or two free Laravel templates that are high quality:

  • Backpack free option for professional Laravel dashboard template
  • TailAdmin free Tailwind Vue Laravel dashboard template
  • Themesberg excellent free Bootstrap Laravel dashboard template
  • Laravel AdminTW free TALL Laravel dashboard template
  • Shopper well-documented free Laravel ecommerce dashboard template

To assemble this roundup I've went through all imaginable online sources where templates can be found. I hope it makes your work easier.

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Awesome list for devs in the PHP ecosystem! 👍💯

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Thank you very much for the positive feedback Madza. It's the best motivator

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Hòa Nguyễn Coder

Wow, I need it ::), thank you

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Happy to help. Thank you very much for the positive feedback. It fuels my motivation to do more roundups