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Electron JS Big Rival?

I love electron, but there are many things I don't like about electron for example the performance, if you have a pc like mine with 4gigs of ram and a i3 processor you know how much it's a struggle sometimes when working with electron and startup times are sometimes very long.

I don't need to mention the fact that the final release build also weighs decent size like 80 or 90 mb easily.

I switched to Tauri a mature electron alternative but since I don't have any prior language to rust and stuff, I messed up everything.

Now I switched to Neutralino JS, and I love it!

Unlike electron which bundles chromium, Neutralino JS uses operating system's inbuilt browser library. For example webkit2 in Linux

And performance? Man it's almost identical to a native desktop applications.

A big downside of Neutralino is that you don't use node js with it.

But Neutralino provides much better options for interacting with the OS.

Functions like writeFile and readFile make life so easier for interacting with storage.

And since local storage doesn't work in Neutralino you can still use the local storage api provided by Neutralino to store key pair values.

Currently Neutralino js is just like a child, and in the coming few years this will be a for sure competitor of electron and Tauri.

Overall Neutralino is a must try option, it won't let you down trust me!

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