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Get Access to Amazon Ads API as a Direct Advertiser

Full Amazon Ads API documentation

1. Create a Login with Amazon application

1. Register as a Amazon Developer: using the Sign in link on the top right

  1. Go to the Developer Console
  2. Click Login with Amazon on the navbar or the one at the bottom of the page like the one shown below Login with Amazon
  3. Click Create a new Security Profile button

2. Apply for Amazon Ads API access

  1. Apply for API Access as a Direct Advertiser: (approval will take a couple of days)
  2. You will an receive email from     - with an invitation to access technical support for the API Amazon's Jira service desk     - Notified if your application is approved or not         - If approved - Click on this link in the email to continue setting up             - Example of approval email: > Your request to use the Amazon Ads API has been approved. > Please use this link to set up your Login with Amazon client application for Amazon Ads API access.

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