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Deploy Vite VueJs App to DigitalOcean App Platform with vue router working


  1. Choose code source location
  2. Click the pencil to edit the app as show in the image below Edit app
  3. Edit Resource Type from Web Service to Static Site

Environment Variables

Optional Add env variables for the app


Optional Update App info


Review and Create Resources

Edit App Spec

Note: Required, since it's a SPA, the routes created with Vue Router will not work

  1. Go to the app settings in Digital Ocean App settings in Digital Ocean
  2. Scroll down to App Spec and click Edit App spec
  3. Add index_document: index.html right below the last line with the same indentation as the one before and Save
# Check the indentation
      - path: /
      source_dir: /
      index_document: index.html
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