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What Every Programmer Should Know

In this post, I will discuss the eight (8) things programmers should know. Let's dive in.....

1. Problem solving and analysis

The ability to solve a problem without a computer is necessary. Here is when critical thinking takes place. You will struggle if you cannot explain or solve a problem on paper before coding.

2. It is not gender-based

Programming is not men's thing. Whether you are a male or a female, you can become a programmer. What matters is your drive towards it.

3. Consistency will help you

For instance, you are learning to ride a bike. Of a surety, there will be ups and downs as you practice. Naturally, you will make mistakes as a newbie or pro but do not give up - your focus to learn will yield consistency.

4. Coding at night doesn't make you a pro

Hey, you need to sleep. Rest is good for your brain. When you sleep, your body and brain will be refresh and active to accomplish whatever task you want to do. Lack of sleep can lead to sickness and burnout.

5. You are your success and failure

Don't blame anyone for your wrong. Avoid this childish act, accept your mistakes, and find a way to solve them - If your friends cannot help fix it yourself. The problem is not with the programming language you are learning, but your wrong implementation can be why the code isn't working.

6. Make friend with Google

Constantly search for the solution to problems on the internet. There might be someone who has encountered the same before.

7. Share your knowledge to gain connections

Sharing what you know doesn't kill or make you look foolish. The more you share your knowledge, the more you become a magnet of attraction.

8. Don't ignore your health

While you focus on your profession, take good care of yourself also. Your health should be a top priority. Neglecting your health is dangerous. Avoid smoking, alcohol, excess sugar, and anything that can endanger your body.

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