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17 Beginner Tips For Software Engineers

Software engineering is a branch of computer science that includes the development and building of computer systems software and applications software. Computer systems software is composed of programs that include computing utilities and operations systems.

As popular as it is today, beginners tend to lose interest in the process of learning. The following will help you gain a depth understanding of what the field entails. Let's get started!

1. Write it down before you code

Understand the problem before choosing a way to solve it, Write it down on a paper, or design the UI for better understanding.

2. Ask Google for answers

Yeah, "Google is the best teacher." as quoted. Always ask Google before you ask anyone.

3. Learn the best way to do things

Don't stick to the awful method of problem-solving. Deal with your weakness.

4. Stay updated

Remember that technology always changes.

5. Document your code

It explains the reliability of your project. Neat code without documentation is not complete.

6. Don't be afraid of bugs

I have learned more by fixing bugs. Stackoverflow is there to rescue you. Don't abandon the project too soon.

7. Finish undone projects

Laziness, lack of motivation, inability to find solutions to problems will lead to this.

8. Don’t sell yourself short

Software engineer is probably the job with the highest demand. Companies need you. Aim higher!

9. Work on your LinkedIn profile

A poorly maintained profile is worse than no profile.

10. Make use of version control

It makes it easy for other developers to work with you on the same project. It also helps to share and reuse your project. Github is widely used to achieve this.

11. Train your communication skills

One of the biggest threats for any project is miscommunication amongst the team.

12. Exercise regularly

I do this often to stay energetic. It's a great way to refresh my body system.

13. Invest in Learning

Udemy, Coursera, Youtube, FreeCodeCamp Khan Academy, Udacity, Medium. etc..contains helpful resources to help you improve.

14. Plan before you work

List out the technologies needed in the project, set a deadline, and checklist your progress daily.

15. Don't hesitate to ask for help

It doesn't make you unprofessional. It's right to ask for help when stuck. You don't know it all.

16. Trends don't matter

A new framework or technology might not be necessary to learn.

17. Get enough sleep to stay active

Staying up all night decreases your motivation. Spending donkey hours coding will not make you a pro. Don't stress your brain.

Happy Coding! πŸ™‚

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