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Release @nxtend/ionic-react 2.0.0

I have been hard at work on @nxtend/ionic-react since the initial relese, and I'm happy to announce that version 2.0.0 is now available. Bugs have been fixed, dependencies have been updated, and even Ionic has made updates to their starter templates.


  • extend @nrwl/react schematics
  • import @testing-library/jest-dom commands for unit tests
  • upgrade @testing-library/jest-dom to 5.5.0
  • upgrade @testing-library/cypress to 6.0.0
  • upgrade @testing-library/user-event to 10.0.1
  • honor unitTestRunner flag
  • set @nxtend/ionic-react as the default collection if one is not set when generating an application
  • honor skipFormat flag
  • update Ionic starter template

I originally used the same dependency versions that ship with Ionic, however, several of them were getting rather out of date. I decided to update all of the @testing-library/* dependencies and will continue to maintain those updates with future releases.

Ionic React ships with @testing-library/jest-dom configured, and while @nxtend/ionic-react shipped with the dependency, it was not actually being used in v1.0.0. This library will now be configured for all @nxtend/ionic-react applications going forward.

The Ionic team have made several minor revisions to their starter templates, and this has been reflected in this project. If you would like to incorporate these changes then feel free to look at the migration guide provided.

I extended the @nrwl/react schematics so that all generate commands fallback onto that plugin. Essentially, even though @nxtend/ionic-react does not have a component schematic, you can still generate one with this plugin since @nrwl/react has one available. The plugin also now sets @nxtend/ionic-react as the default schematic if one is not yet set.

Due to the breaking changes in the @testing-library/* dependencies, extending the @nrwl/react schematics, as well as the changes to default schematics, it warranted a major release.

I have a number of features plannned for upcoming releases and I can't wait to share it with you all. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter if you have questions or anything else!


nxtend GitHub:

NPM Package:


Ionic Framework:

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