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Devin Shoemaker
Devin Shoemaker

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Release @nxtend/ionic-angular 1.0.0

Earlier this year I released the Nxtend Ionic React plugin for Nx. From the beginning I intended to support all of the frameworks that Ionic officially supports, and today, Ionic Angular support has been added to Nx with the Nxtend Ionic Angular plugin.

Ionic combined with Capacitor enables developers to build high quality cross platform applications with web technology. Nx offers extensible tooling for monorepos, which can be a powerful combination with Ionic. Using Nx, large applications can be broken down into smaller libraries that are more maintainable and faster to test and build by using Nx's affected commands. Large organizations may have multiple applications that could benefit from sharing code, and Nx makes that easy as well.

To start developing cross platform application with Ionic Angular in an Nx workspace, visit the official Getting Started guide.

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