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Release @nxtend/capacitor 2.0.2

Nxtend Capacitor v2 is here! This release has a number of big changes that warrated a major release. Capacitor project structures have been changed, Nx Console support has been improved, and dependencies have been updated. That being said, a manual migration is needed to support upcoming capabilities. Read the full blog post for more information on updating the plugin and migrating your projects. Please note, due to an npm issue, the current release is 2.0.2.


  • fix Windows support


  • update Capacitor to 2.4.2
  • add Capacitor configs to frontend application
  • add or update package.json in project folder when generating a Capacitor project
  • add builder configurations for Nx Console
  • add add-plugin schematic for adding Capacitor plugins


  • Capacitor plugins must now be added to both the root and project-level package.json

One of the major changes in this release is that Capacitor configurations are not added to a dedicated application (e.g. my-app-cap) but rather added directly to the associated frontend project. This also means that the you will need to run @nxtend/capacitor builder commands from the frontend project as well (e.g. nx run my-app:sync --project android).

Another notable change is that the capacitor-project schematic will now add or update the package.json in the project folder. This was done to increase compatibility with the Capacitor CLI and from now on Capacitor plugins should be added both to the root and project-level package.json. To help with this, an add-plugin schematic has been added.

For more details on migrating your Capacitor project, visit the

For information on upgrading the plugin, visit the nxtend upgrades documentation.

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