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Devin Shoemaker
Devin Shoemaker

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@nxtend/ionic-react 3.0.3

This version of the @nxtend/ionic-react plugin includes a few quality of life improvements regarding dependency management.

Bug Fixes

  • add @nrwl/react version based on the users Nx version
  • don't unnecessarily add @nxtend/ionic-react dependency in init schematic
  • add @nxtend/capacitor 1.0.0 instead of *

Previously, @nxtend/ionic-react would add the latest version of @nrwl/react to the users package.json which could cause issues if the user was using an older version of Nx. Now, the plugin will look at the users local version of Nx and will install the same version of @nrwl/react.

An update has also been made that avoids adding @nxtend/ionic-react unnecessarily when using ng add.

Finally, the plugin will install version 1.0.0 of @nxtend/capacitor instead of version *.

For information on upgrading the plugin, visit the nxtend upgrades documentation.

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