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Discussion on: Introducing the SolidJS UI Library

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Devin Rhode

I have fanboy'd over dart/flutter, google's presentations on dart/flutter show some amazing tech, but I think Dart is really the star of the show. I look at Flutter code and it's all the horrors of angular all over again.

What I really want is actually-native level performance (AOT compiled dart), great dev experience (dart dev compiler, ddc), BUT in a react/component/jsx paradigm.

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Joe Pea

Solid gives you that for sure. Also @lume/element gives you one more level higher: custom elements with templating powered by Solid.

I'm also planning to implement JSX for AssemblyScript unless someone else gets to it first, and the compile the implementations of my custom elements to WebAssembly.

The big milestone will be when we can also compile to native (run outside of the browser too, but with a web-first API that is easy for existing web developers).