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Mastering Ruby on Rails By Building an LMS


Last year I proposed a pathway from junior to senior as a software engineer and getting out of the loop of endless tutorials that we can so often get stuck in. That article had a few practical means of doing this with the end goal being that, "the final key is to deliver."

The Premise

Talk is cheap. In an effort to carry out this means of study more effectively in the present, though I already hold a day job as a senior software engineer, I thought it would be great to build an application and maintain it publicly. So I have taken a project that I started a while back through a tutorial that involved building an LMS in Ruby using Rails as a framework and launched it into the git-o-sphere for quasi-public viewing and I will be using it as an environment for ongoing development and application of things that I learn through tutorials, talks, blogs, and interesting things I uncover in my day job.

The First and Next Step

The first step was to find a project that would have enough intricacy to add further features and have enough personal interest on my end to keep me going beyond just a willingness to learn. Thusly, I went with an LMS because I enjoy the ed-tech space and see enough feature-rich LMSes to know that there will be space to grow.

So with that, we are off.

Look for more rails, web development, and project management articles alongside updates on this project as time roles on!

Best Regards!

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