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Resources You Should Follow to Stay updated with Latest Tech Trends


Developers always looking for the right resources to stay informed about the latest technology trends happening in the market and they subscribe to a number of newsletters, emails, blogs, and many development news portals as well.

It's overwhelming to read each and everything from every resource because of the data large availability but here I collected the top platforms for you to stay updated with the lastest technology trends. These all are short, informative and helpful resources you can follow as a developer. So let's get started!

Resources You Need to Follow

These resources are a complete collection for you all to get the latest news about technology trends.

  • DevBytes (Short Coding News)

    This platform is amazing as its name and I highly recommend it to all to get this application into your mobile. DevBytes inform you in just 64 words about all possible things that you need to know. Everything from top to bottom in a short way without consuming more time.

    DevBytes is specially built for developers to get everything in one place and I strongly suggest getting this app on your device.

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Simply you can visit DevBytes (Short Coding News) and download the app (100k+) to get valuable & quality news as a developer.


    The Dev Community is one of the oldest platforms where developers share their news and write blogs about technology growth. A number of developers are available on the dev platform and sharing the golden knowledge free of cost.

    Experience developer with genuine knowledge available on the dev platform so you can consider this platform to stay updated with tech trends.

  • IndieHackers

    One more amazing platform and this one complete combination of everything from podcasts, videos, and audio to blogs all in one place. Big tech entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs share their knowledge on Indiehackers. As a busy developer, you can also subscribe to the indie-hacker weekly newsletter to get all news weekly.

  • StackOverflow

    StackOverflow is not limited to getting only programming solutions the most important side of this platform is to collect feedback from all industry developers and from that particular data StackOverflow share their analytics with all such as trending programming languages of 2023, Companies' growth, and so on... that's how StackOverflow help you to get industry insights.


    Develop documentation with a fast, organized, and searchable interface to get all updated news about every programing language. In simple terms, dev docs is an API for every programing language and it will inform you of every miner change or every new library and framework announcement so you will stay informed about the latest available versions of the frameworks.


All the above resources are completely available for free and if you want the informative, short, and latest news about tech trends in the market then you should consider going with DevBytes (Short Coding News) it's a personal recommendation for all developers.

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