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Get Internship As a Developer


Hey tech Geeks, Welcome to the new article here we are exploring the approach to getting a developer internship. The right way to get an internship is to improve your developer skills and communications because these two things matter a lot in the software industry.

Nowadays people failed to get internships because they are not focusing on development and wasting so much time learning from the vague content available on the Internet!

Mastering your niche as a developer would be anything frontend, backend, full-stack, etc. Follow the official documentation developed by the companies and pick one thing at one time because growth is matter a lot! As a developer time management is also essential to understand how to work with deadlines.

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Things to Consider

As a developer, you should understand that people looking for the right talent, and if you have those skills then definitely people pay you more to you but also there are some things you should keep in mind!

  • It Takes Time - Things take time to learn a skill and you have to keep patience because there are a lot o jobs available in the market apply and get the right thing for you!

  • Learn & Learn - Explore more and learn more keep learning new things like communication, and collaboration skills as a developer!

  • Build Strong Fundamentals - Be strong with fundamentals of computer programming and data structure and basic computer fundamentals!

Right Approach to Getting an Internship

This is completely my take on getting an internship as a developer there are other ways too, but you should consider this if it sounds interesting to you!

  1. Build Solid Developer Skills - Learn solid development skills, build projects, build a portfolio, contribute to open source, participate in hackathons, etc. You should know one programming language and database concept as a backend developer.

  2. Make A List - Don't waste your time by approaching every company make a list of companies that sounds interesting to you and bring it into an excel sheet and start reaching out to them on Linkedin, Twitter, and emails!

  3. How to Approach - Cold email helps a lot and write a short email to CTO or team leaders and explain to them why you're a good fit for this job!

  4. Sell As a Service - Sell yourself as a service to CTO or founder and explain how you can fill the gap between the problem. Here communication plays an important role and explains to them the value you're bringing to the table!

Solid Development skills + Communication + Projects and yes it's the final sum up of the article!

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As I mentioned first at the beginning of this article this is completely my take on "To Get Internship As a Developer" there are other ways to which you can explore and if this article sounds interesting to you then you should consider this approach!

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