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DevFest WI 2020 CFP Is Open

abraham profile image Abraham Williams Originally published at devfestwi.com ・1 min read

We want YOU to speak at DevFest WI!

This year, DevFest WI is an online conference for all technologists, organized by GDG Madison and volunteers from the Madison tech community.

DevFest WI will take place on October 24, 2020, and feature a collection of live talks, pre-recorded talks, panel discussions, and more.

The conference theme is inclusivity: how to create development teams and software products that are welcoming to everyone. We are seeking presentations on a broad range of topics related to inclusivity, including, but not limited to:

  • online privacy and security
  • accessibility
  • localization
  • web performance
  • diversifying teams
  • tech interviews
  • empathetic code review
  • mentoring and teaching
  • cross-cultural design
  • AI and ML
  • neurodiversity
  • tech talks/public speaking

We are particularly interested in talks on topics that the you, the speaker, are excited about and that can be understood and appreciated by non-specialists.

Presentations with more than one speaker are welcome. First-time speakers are encouraged to apply. All speakers will be assigned a mentor who will be happy to help you develop your presentation.

Click here to submit a proposal. The CFP will close on August 15th and talks will be accepted on a rolling basis so submit early.

As part of your submission, you will be asked to read and agree to the DevFest WI Code of Conduct.

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DevFest WI brings together amazing speakers to talk about AI/ML, Flutter, Core Skills, Cloud, Diversity, and much much more.


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