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Fast online services for the best logos for cheap in 2022


In this post we review two affordable online logo makers that are rising in popularity. We look at Logology and Looka, the two main players in the space and compare the experience our team had ordering custom logo's from them.

The struggle is too real

Finding good Logo's for company's is always hard. It takes so much money to create one and its always a pain to find good creators. I for one have launched a dozen different failed web projects in the past couple years and its always such a pain to find good logo's.

I constantly oscillate between going from trying to hire good designers to work with online from sites like dribble, fiverr and upwork.

Why Dribble doesn't work anymore

7 years ago Dribble was the ultimate place to find a designer. However, due to amount of designers that exist on dribble now, every time I try to hire I end up with an inbox that looks something like this.

My Inbox after posting one project in Dribble.
My Inbox after posting one project in Dribble.

My inbox contd.
My inbox destroyed contd.

and this is just for one project. Imagine trying to find a designer for multiple projects. Whats worse is that a lot of the designers don't speak english as their first language and have timezones all over the world.

Hey Dribble Engineers if you're reading this. Please add an option for "find people in my timezone". It's a pain trying to hire someone that takes 12 hours to respond to your requests.

Thankfully there a couple new service that have automated the process of creating new Logo's

1. Logology

Logology is an online logo maker created by husband wife duo from France. From their website.

Our product bridges the gap between working directly with a designer, who gets to the heart of what the meaning of the logo should be, and online generated logos. We figured out how to achieve a similar level of quality that you would get from a one-on-one collaboration with a skilled designer, only automatically and for a tenth of the price.

The best thing we liked about Logology is that you can tweak logo's based on certain expressions such as wity, playful, original, tech etc.

All in all, its a great way to think about Logo's for you brand, the website is super easy to use and make's it fun to try and tweak your logo the way you want.


  • Easy to use editor.
  • Makes you think about your brand and what you want it to mean.
  • They have a good collection of design and stock vectors.

  • The pricing model for the logo's can get a bit expensive as seen below. It can go up to $299 to makes sure that your logo is unique.

Logology Service Pricing for Logo's at checkout.
_Logology Service Pricing for Logo's at checkout. _

2. Looka

Looks has grown incredibly over the past couple years as a one stop shop for all things branding and marketing. They have a full suite of products from domain names to t-shirt printing to making the anything with your copy on it. What we liked about Looka is that it can function as the place to do all your brand shopping in one place. This can be really helpful for someone that is just starting out and needs a 360 branding strategy.


  • Easy to use editor.
  • The style of logo's caters to all business and not just tech.
  • Pricing is flexible.
  • The quality of logo's felt a bit lacking. Over all a lot of the logo's felt dated and not fresh.

The Winner

In our review we think the winner of the devfaster "Best logo maker award" is definitely Logology. We think Logology is better that Looks for the following reasons.
More responsive customer service, better and more creative designs make Logology the better pick for us!

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