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File Systems implemented in Go

  • afero - A FileSystem Abstraction System for Go
  • fsnotify - Cross-platform file system notifications for Go.
  • juicefs - A distributed POSIX file system built on top of Redis and S3.
  • gcsfuse - A user-space file system for interacting with Google Cloud Storage.
  • git-lfs - Git extension for versioning large files.
  • go-systemd - Go bindings to systemd socket activation, journal, D-Bus, and unit files.
  • goofys - A high-performance, POSIX-ish Amazon S3 file system written in Go.
  • minikeyvalue - A ~1000 line distributed key value store.
  • seaweedfs - SeaweedFS is a simple and highly scalable distributed file system for small files.
  • svfs - A virtual file system over Openstack Swift built upon fuse.

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