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Microsoft Azure For Our Startup

Deven Rathod
Full Stack Developer | AWS | ReactJS | Flutter | MongoDB
・2 min read

My name is Deven I belong from the rural area where we struggle daily for the internet and as a CEO and Founder of a Startup we know the importance of Microsoft Azure in our project I am a FullStack Developer and a Student and Also Running a Small Startup and Microsoft Azure has a big part of our project because of Microsft Azure App Service and Database with amazing, fast, reliable, and flexible services out startup are running smoothly with 99.9% uptime.
The way you deploy Microsoft Azure Service is better than any other and the best part of Microsoft Azure is they have so many data centre in India. so we can serve our client the best response time from MS Azure Servers.
Microsoft Azure App Service help you to deploy your app faster than every with pay as you go. they never charge you more they charge you for what you use this is the best part about Microsoft azure.
Microsft Azure Cost Management is one of the legend features on its platform. Because it helps you to manage your spending on MS Azure Service it helps you to analysis what for what you are spending and you can also set your budget limit so you will never get unexpected bills from MS Azure so you can or even MS Azure Cost Management give you alert when every you Budget limit is Up or nearby so you can track it anytime.
Microsoft Azure Load Balance help us and help our clients to run their server smoothly because of the load balancer your server will never go down or out of reach it helps to maintain our server traffic and as per our traffic, it may be high or low our load balancer also balance traffic and make sure that our server is UP for 24/7.
Microsoft Azure help our Startup to grow and as a CEO/Founder of DeveloperSpot, I think I make the best choice by choosing Microsoft Azure.

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