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Brian Bethencourt
Brian Bethencourt

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My #100DaysOfCode Challenge


I have had a really long, bumpy relationship with coding. I'm a naturally fast learner, so when I run into something with as many hurdles as coding, I've never had enough grit to make it through. Or at least, that's what I tell myself.

At the earliest stages of my journey, I had online profiles on chat sites that I customized with HTML and CSS before I even really understood what those were.

When I was in high school, I traded my Physics courses for Computer Science courses. I got to learn web design and make my own games instead of doing math on paper, what a dream! At the peak of my high school tech career, I used a Logitech webcam and my own API to design something similar to a Ring doorbell before those really got popular.

Nowadays, I know enough about these technical topics to hold a conversation, but if you actually pressed me about some of them and held my feet to the fire, I probably wouldn't be able to give you solid answers. For my fellow Americans, if you had Spanish classes in high school and haven't spoken the language since, you'll know how I feel: a stuttering, bumbling mess.


So, I want to make an effort to fix that. How are things going to change?

I've always struggled with motivation, but I've never struggled with passion. That, I've got buckets full of. So, let's take all that passion and turn it into something fruitful.

You all may have heard of the recent round of layoffs at Forem last week. While I was unfortunately one of the unlucky few impacted, I'm not going to let that stop me from connecting with over one million of you amazing people each and every week.

I'm feeling motivated enough to do 100 Days of Code this October, so let's see how it'll turn out. With this post, I'm committing myself publicly to the challenge. Maybe a true developer will be born out of this venture.

I think this time, I have a few major motivations that will make the difference:

  1. I'm already at the best place to be a CodeNewbie:
  2. I have dream projects I want to be able to turn into reality.
  3. I'm willing to take it slow and understand that there are going to be a lot of things that I don't get the first go around.

You can follow along with my daily progress on Twitter:

I'll post weekly here so I don't spam you too much - and just to make it easier on the ol' wrists. 15 posts is a lot less than 100 posts.

If anyone has been waiting to make the effort to learn how to code, this is your sign! I'm following The Odin Project, so you can feel free to learn along with me at your own pace. I'm inspired by all of you and hope that I can inspire some newbies myself along the way.

If I get anything wrong, feel free to leave a helpful comment! See you soon! 💕

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rajaerobinson profile image
Rajae Robinson

Hey Brian, wish you luck on your journey. If you happen to start learning React.js/Next.js/Typescript on your journey you can visit my blog to find useful tutorials and guides.

harshtiwarierr profile image
Harsh Tiwari


ghostaram profile image
Felix from East Africa

Hello Robinson, I have just read an article from your blog on TypeScript enums. Your content is amazing, simple, straight, and clear.

rajaerobinson profile image
Rajae Robinson

Hi, I'm glad you found my content helpful!

I aim to make my guides/tutorials simple so that they can serve as useful references and simplify the complex documentation for some of the libraries/tools we use.

More content coming soon!

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Good luck Brian, please reach out if you need anything.

rachelfazio profile image
Rachel Fazio

Miss you Brian! Excited to hear how the rest of this goes.

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

You freaking rock so much, Brian! 🎸

I'm siked to follow your coding journey. You got this! ✊

erinao profile image
Erin A Olinick

Well done, Brian! ❤️

overflow profile image

congratulations you made me look ....and lol I saw what you look like too lol.....But anyways I JavaScript too...but not enough to solve any github issues....They got some jibberish out there lol I dont know how that stuff make softwares
Anyways I wish you the best on your journey baby!!!!
I have a feeling you gonna do very well.....I will be right behind you...taking names and memorizing faces baby !!! do what you do!!!

lanietodev profile image
Melanie Eureka Ngome

Godspeed Brian, this is really inspiring!

marlonhenq profile image

Good luck Brian! I'm started at 100DaysOfCode (in truth, the Brazilian version of 100 days, 100DiasDeCodigo) at 44 days ago and It's been a great experience for me.

pahujanayan profile image
Nayan Pahuja

Good Luck Brian on the challenge, Trust me when I say this there is nothing better than this challenge to improve consistency and learning.

troy5890 profile image
Troy Harris

Just like that, I'm even more motivated. Let's learn well and make our dream projects come true. We got this!


dumebii profile image
Dumebi Okolo

Great that you started on this journey, Brian. Good luck! The great thing about learning in public is that there'd be loads of help and loads of motivation for when you'd need it.
Rooting for you.

devarshishimpi profile image
Devarshi Shimpi

Good luck, Brian!

rasheedmozaffar profile image
Rasheed K Mozaffar

Good luck Brian 🍀
I'm sure it's gonna be a nice challenge that'll inspire others to jump onboard, and remember, have fun 😃

khairunnisaas profile image

good luck! i wanted to start my 100DaysOfCode too, but it feels so hard to me for keeping it consistent

youngfra profile image
Fraser Young

Good luck!