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Brian Bethencourt
Brian Bethencourt

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Joining the DEV Team!

Hello, everyone. My name is Brian and I'm proud to be joining the DEV team as one of their two new Business Development and Growth Interns.

I had been lurking on for a short while before applying for this internship to get a feel for the community. I quickly realized that I had been on the website and app quite frequently because of the open and friendly nature of its community and the vast amount of knowledge available from all of its members.

I have a limited knowledge set on software development and I am enthusiastic about expanding what I know. I have experience with Python 3, HTML/CSS, and Lua. I have also dabbled in 2D and 3D Game Design. I chose to move away from software development when I enrolled in college to pursue my creative and linguistic endeavors, but I am still very passionate about technology and development in my free time.

I am wholeheartedly excited to engage with the team and its community members. My responsibilities as an intern will mainly be focused on non-technical work, especially engaging and supporting current and prospective partners and sponsors. This internship is an amazing opportunity for me and I aim to support the DEV team to the best of my ability.

I speak English, Spanish, and am currently strengthening my Japanese. Feel free to contact me in whichever language is easiest for you and I'll do my best to respond promptly.

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

πŸ™Œ Welcome to the team!

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Itachi Uchiha

Welcome (:

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Jess Lee

So happy you've joined the team!!

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Diona Rodrigues


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Ben Halpern